Rapid mental health screening in conflict zones: a translation and cross-cultural adaptation into Arabic of the shortened Revised Child Anxiety and Depression Scale (RCADS-25)

Mental health screening in conflict settings is problematic and carries risk making the need for fast, easy-to-administer, screening instruments paramount. The shortened version of the Revised Child Anxiety and Depression Scale (RCADS-25) is one method of rapidly assessing anxiety and depressive symptoms in youths. This self-report questionnaire demonstrates good internal consistency and diagnostic capacity in clinical and non-clinical populations. Nevertheless, few studies have tested the psychometric properties of translated versions of the RCADS-25 limiting its applicability worldwide.To expand the reach and utility of the RCADS-25, the present study sought to develop an Arabic version of the instrument (RCADS25-Arabic) and to explore its reliability and underlying factor structure. The RCADS25-Arabic is useful for rapid screening of depression and anxiety but is better used to identify a one-factor internalizing construct. Obsessive-compulsive disorder items should be retained in the RCADS-25. BMC Conflict and Health

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