Challenges of providing healthcare worker education and training in protracted conflict: a focus on non-government controlled areas in north west Syria

Jul 17, 2020

Without healthcare workers (HCWs), health and humanitarian provision in Syria cannot be sustained either now or in the post-conflict phase. The protracted conflict has led to the exodus of more than 70% of the healthcare workforce. Challenges to HCW education in north west Syria can be broadly divided into :

1. Organisational : Local healthcare leadership and governance, coordination and collaboration between stakeholders, competition between stakeholders and insufficient funding.

2. Programmatic: Lack of accreditation or recognition of qualifications, insufficient physical space for teaching, exodus of faculty affecting teaching and training, prioritisation of physicians over non-physicians, informally trained healthcare workers.)

3. Healthcare system related : Politicisation of healthcare system, changing healthcare needs of the population, ongoing attacks on healthcare.

BMC Conflict and Health

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