Changing the strategy and culture of stroke awareness education in China: implementing Stroke 1-2-0

This project implemented the Stroke 1-2-0 stroke awareness programme across China and investigated its impact over a 2-year period.It uses 1-2-0, the well-known medical emergency phone number, as an easy mnemonic tool (1 represents ‘First, look for an uneven face’, 2 represents ‘Second, examine for arm weakness’ and 0 represents ‘Zero (absence of) clear speech’).The acceptance rate for Stroke 1-2-0 versus FAST (face, armspeech and time, stroke awareness tool) was 50.2% versus 19.1% in 2016, and changed significantly to 82.2% versus 8.0% in 2018 (p<0.001). BMJ Stoke and Vascular Neurology

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