Why Join?

If you've attended a TEPHINET scientific conference, you know the value of bringing together a global network of field epidemiologists to share information and learn from each other. But why wait until the next conference? Continue networking in the meantime by joining TEPHIConnect. TEPHIConnect allows members to locate and contact professionals in their areas, share resources and opportunities, and find collaborators. More than 10,000 FETP trainees have graduated from a TEPHINET member program. Join TEPHIConnect and stay connected to this world of field epidemiologists.

Life after FETP means...

Continuous Collaboration: Locate professionals in your area, share resources, and identify ways to work together. When great minds meet, great things can happen.

Lifelong Education: We are the world of field epidemiologists. Step by step, we learn and achieve together.

Professional Opportunities: Find and share targeted opportunities with other alumni. The world needs your skills.

Keeping in Touch: Whether you met during FETP, at a conference, or through a job, TEPHIConnect helps ensure you never lose contact.

Features Highlights:

Search the global directory: Users can filter the user database by specific critiera such as language skills, areas of expertise, and interest in mentorship.

Share and find opportunities: All TEPHIConnect users can post jobs, events, and other opportunities.

Working on something important? Let the world know: Use the Member Projects and discussion Forums sections to tell other what you're doing and how they can help.

Public and private groups: If you're interested in managing a Groups page, please let us know by contacting secretariat@tephinet.org. Groups pages allow subsets of users on TEPHIConnect to interact on a page that can be public or private and share files, news, and other items with other group members.

We expect to add new features and resources to TEPHIConnect in the coming year, so join today and stay informed of the latest developments.

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