Note: TEPHIConnect is currently in beta mode and will officially launch in August 2017.


TEPHIConnect is TEPHINET's online and mobile networking platform created exclusively for Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP) alumni. It's the only global FETP alumni network. Join today and be one click away from new opportunities! Click the "Request invitation" link above to create a new account.

Life after FETP means...

-Continuous Collaboration: Locate professionals in your area, share resources, and identify ways to work together. When great minds meet, great things can happen.
-Lifelong Education: We are the world of field epidemiologists. Step by step, we learn and achieve together.
-Professional Opportunities: Find and share targeted opportunities with other alumni. The world needs your skills.
-Keeping in Touch: Whether you met during FETP, at a conference, or through a job, TEPHIConnect helps ensure you never lose contact.


TEPHIConnect is an online resource for the FETP alumni community created to build and strengthen global health capacity by:
-Providing an organized platform and program for networking, continuing education and mentoring, and accessing other professional opportunities
-Facilitating and maintaining a network that will provide health systems and organizations with rapid access to competent public health professionals


TEPHIConnect is overseen by a steering committee comprised of members representing TEPHINET and regional FETP networks. As of June 2017, this committee includes the following members:

Miriam Alderman, TEPHINET

Jonas Brant, ProEpi (Associação Brasileira de Profissionais de Epidemiologia de Campo)

Brendan Crosby, TEPHINET

Dionisio Herrera, TEPHINET

Olivia Namusisi, AFENET (African Field Epidemiology Network)

Conky Quizon, SAFETYNET (South Asia Field Epidemiology and Technology Network)

Carl Reddy, South Africa FETP, TEPHINET

Tina Rezvani, TEPHINET

Dana Shalabi, EMPHNET (Eastern Mediterranean Public Health Network)

Ma Nemia Sucaldito, Philippines FETP

If you have any questions, please contact

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